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Brand Experience & Activation
 - A05: Automotive
Brand Experience & Activation - B04: Digital Installations
Brand Experience & Activation - B08: Tech-led Brand Experience

Creative Data - A07: Use of Real-time Data

Direct - A05: Automotive
Direct - B03: Use of Ambient Media large scale
Direct - B06: Use of technology
Direct - C03: Use of Real-time data

Media - A05: Automotive
Media - B05: Use of Ambient Media large scale
Media - B06: Use of events
Media - C02: Use of Real-time data

Outdoor - A05: Automotive
Outdoor - C02: Interactive Digital Screens
Outdoor - C03: Dynamic Digital Screens
Outdoor - D04: Live advertising and events
Outdoor - D05: Interactive Experiences
Outdoor - E01: Standard Sites
Outdoor - E03: Technology